Prepping roof bolt for thread rolling

Completed product strapped in bundles

Roof bolts in production

Resin roof bolts ready for delivery to the mine

Washers (bearing plates, ribbed dome -type) in production

Resin bolts strapped – ready for delivery


Steel Roof Bolts

Steel roof bolts are high-quality anchor bolts which ensure the stabilisation of rock excavations. We at Reunko Steel ensure that your mines are protected and supported through the implementation of the product.

Moreover, where we do not install the products we design and supply the products to you. If you need the highest standard of steel rock bolt products contact us today.

The steel roof bolts are perfect for unstable exteriors where it transfers load from the former to the confined interior of the rock mass.The products are typically installed in a particular pattern. This is done to provide the necessary foundation capable of holding the weight of rocks even when drilling, explosions and movement is present.With an array of different designs, we look to ensure that your mine is taken care of. This boosts the need for safety to be upheld at all times. Although the use of such technology is not new, the innovation from companies such as Reunko Steel has ensured that an improvement in the level of protection is maintained.

The steel roof bolts require the correct installation in order to work. We recommend you use only the Reunko Steel brand as mixing a number of different products can decrease the integrity of the structure. Our range of steel roof bolts contains the resin anchored roof bolt. They are manufactured from hot-rolled high tensile steel deformed bar.

You can choose from standard lengths which range from 0.6 metres to 3.0 metres. The standard lengths are all colour coded at the ends for simple identification of sizes.

Likewise, our customised steel roof bolts ensure that you can intensify your safety. Non-standard length requirements are often difficult to manage because of the uniqueness. However, we manufacture these products on request and will deliver it to you with the same efficiency.

If you require load indicator washers, they can be colour coded for easy identification.

All roof bolts are manufactured to the customer’s specifications and tested in-house in accordance with an ISO 9001:2015 compliant integrated quality management system( QMS). Verification tensile tests are regularly done at the CSIR laboratory. See the latest certificate here.

CSIR test Mar 2020 nib CSIR test Mar 2020 s pin

General disclaimer:

Reunko Steel Suppliers (Pty) Ltd is not responsible to ensure the correct use, application or installation of this product.

Safe User Friendly Strapping Of Bundles

Strapping is done by means of woven fibre tape and steel buckles, ensuring the reduced risk of injury when bundles are being handled underground. All bundles are clearly labeled for proper control and managing during despatch, offloading and stores handling at the mine.The higher resistance of the steel roof bolts ensures that mines can rely heavily on the product. It saves you more time in terms of installation and has a lower maintenance level than other types of products.

The DIN 405 thread of the bolt is formed through a process of cold-rolling. Furthermore, the resin roof bolt can be supplied with reverse spin capability (nibbed bar type). It can also be supplied through spin-to-stall capability (shear pin nut type).

Our selection of rib-dome steel washers is ordinarily 125mm x 125mm x 5mm or 4.5mm. They are all formed from a steel plate. All of the washers for resin roof bolts have the “dog-ear” corner with a hole suitable for both meshing and lacing.

With your request, washers can be packed onto specifically configured handles. This warrants that you can carry the product easily while underground.

All steel roof bolts that are completed with washers, nuts, and torque indicators will be delivered in strapped bundles of about 100.

The way the strapping works is through the use of woven fibre tape. On top of this, steel buckles are included in order to provide a reduction of risk in injury when the bundles are moved under the ground.

To secure the measure of safety is raised all bundles will be clearly labelled. This is performed as a preventative method for the management of despatch, offloading and storage at the mine.

Be advised that minimum order quantities may be applicable for certain steel roof bolt sizes.

Thread Rolling

Another part of the manufacture process is thread rolling. The method is preferred as it is able to produce smooth precise and uniform external thread while still holding the strength of the metal.


Our transportation system is second to none. We have built a company that provides the best quality products as well as the best form of transportation services. As such, we have employed dedicated transportation operators to get your product to you in the most efficient amount of time.Steel is something which is difficult and dangerous to transport. Although this is the case, our experts can load and secure the products to improve safety and reduce risk.

Our service ensures that you will get your steel roof bolts when you require them. Likewise, when you receive the products, they will be in the best condition for maximum outcomes when they are installed.We have the correct vehicles which is able to hold a large number of steel bands. We also utilise specialised equipment to hold the integrity of the products for long periods.

Contact us for more information about our products and the transport service we supply. If you require any more information on anything else about the process, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Reunko Steel is a leader in the manufacture and supply of roof bolts. The reason for this is that we consider your specific needs. Moreover, we have employed a number of specialists in the field and continuously look to improve upon the technology we use.

Our products are designed and manufactured using innovative technology which guarantees perfection. We limit the amount of waste through the use of our machinery and are able to produce only the highest grade of products on the market

With years in the industry, Reunko Steel understands the need for the upkeep of safety. Many lives have been lost due to the lack of consideration of an individual’s life. As such, we take all necessary steps which are required to ensure that steel roof bolts will guarantee the reduction in high-risk situations.

Take your mining experience to the next level. Improve your safety today.


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