The Future Of Secure And Sustainable Shipping

The Future Of Secure And Sustainable Shipping: Revolutionising Packaging With Reunko’s Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is one of the most used methods for securing goods during transportation and storage. It is a versatile and reliable method used in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and shipping. In this article, we will explore what steel strapping is, its benefits, and how to choose the right steel strapping for your specific needs.

What is steel strapping?

Steel strapping is a packaging material made of steel strips, usually coated with a layer of zinc to protect against corrosion. The strips come in various widths and thicknesses and are wound around a core to form a coil. Steel strapping is used to secure and protect various items, including lumber, metal products, bricks, and machinery.

Benefits of steel strapping

Steel strapping is known for its durability and strength. It can withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure, and heavy loads. It is also resistant to tearing and puncturing, making it a reliable choice for securing heavy or sharp-edged items. Steel strapping is also resistant to UV rays, which makes it a good option for items exposed to sunlight for extended periods.

Another benefit of steel strapping is its affordability. While other packaging materials, such as plastic strapping, may be cheaper, steel strapping is still considered one of the most cost-effective options. It is also recyclable, which can be reused, reducing waste and saving costs.e

Choosing the right steel strapping

Choosing the right steel strapping depends on several factors, including the weight and size of the item being secured, the mode of transportation, and the conditions to which the item will be exposed. Here are some key considerations when choosing steel strapping:

Width and thickness: Steel strapping comes in different widths and thicknesses, ranging from ½-inch to ¾-inch in width and from 0.015-inch to 0.035-inch in thickness. The width and thickness of the steel strapping you choose will depend on the weight and size of the item you are securing.

Coating: Steel strapping can be coated with zinc, paint, or wax to protect against corrosion. Zinc coating is the most common and effective method of protection against rust and is recommended for items exposed to moisture or salt water.

Break strength: The break strength of steel strapping refers to the maximum weight the strapping can withstand before breaking. Choosing steel strapping with the appropriate break strength for your specific needs is essential to ensure that your items are securely strapped.

Elongation: Elongation refers to the stretch steel strapping can withstand before breaking. Steel strapping with higher elongation is more flexible and can be used for items that may expand or contract during transportation or storage.

Surface: The surface of the steel strapping can be smooth or embossed. Embossed steel strapping has ridges or patterns on its surface, which can provide better grip and prevent slippage. Smooth steel strapping is a good option for items that the embossed surface may scratch.

Contact Reunko Steel for details

Steel strapping is a reliable and cost-effective method for securing items during transportation and storage. Its durability, strength, and resistance to various environmental factors make it a popular choice across industries. Reunko Steel offers many high-quality steel strapping options to meet your specific needs. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about our steel strapping.


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